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Why Choose Catapult Trainers? 

We provide 20+ years of experience in managing, operating, and training in the fitness industry.  References are gladly provided or available on-line;  With a reputation of fun, energizing and effective training we are sure to help you reach your goals, or make your next event memorable. 

We offer:
  Individual, Buddy or Group Training (AFFA Certified)  ·Yoga and Tai Chi 
-Pilates Training (certified) -Zumba Certified Instructor  -Weight Management / Nutrition Education 

We also come to you!
-Aquatic Training (Certified) -Access to more than 10 lines of equipment 
-Free Weight Training  -Flexible Hours -Special Populations Training
-Corporate and Group Seminars and Workshops -Red Cross Instruction and Certifications

starting 24 hour access...stay tuned for details.