Ellen Hensley AG-ACNP - BC

Ellen Hensley AG-ACNP BC is a proud entrepreneur and leader in the IV Vitamin, Nutrient and weight loss industry in Madison County. Ellen’s 31 years of experience in the medical field with a primary focus on cardiac critical care gave her the vision of bringing health, wellness, and fitness together at one location. She knows that health and fitness begin from the inside out and prides herself on having the first locally owned & operated IV vitamin/nutrient infusion clinic which also offers medically managed weight loss and fitness programs. 
 She believes in the power of restoring vitamins and nutrients, weight loss, & exercise in order to bring balance and vibrant health back to life. Her compassion comes from her own struggles in these areas and the realization that once she made herself a priority then she saw life-changing results.  
When she isn’t busy helping her clients at NAD + IV Therapy feel amazing, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and her dogs & cat. 
Technical Degree in Practical Nursing Ivy Tech 1992
Associate Degree of Nursing Indiana University of Kokomo 2003
Bachelor's of Science in Nursing Degree Indiana University of Kokomo 2006
Master's of Science in Nursing Degree IUPUI 2020
ANCC Board Certified Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 2020
ACLS & BLS Certified Current
Ellen Hensley
(765) 621-8223

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David Isabelle

AFFA Certified Personal Trainer
Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi
AFFA certified Aquatic Trainer
Special Populations Nutrition Consultant (diabetes, etc.)
AFFA, ACE Certified Strength Training 
AFFA Certified Level 2 Yoga
Certified Pilates matt and small apparatus
Zumba Certified
Red Cross Certified CPR Instructor
Schwinn Cycling Instructor
State Certified Pool Operator
Arthritis Foundation Conditioning Instructor
Certified High Risk Trainer (post cardiac/stroke/etc)
National Trainer For Human Healthcare
Certified boot camp coach
CrossFit Certified

More than 35 years experience owning, and operating medically based wellness centers.
Advaned skills Personal Trainer
My education and experience
Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from Ball State University
Masters Degree in Sports Performance from Ball State University 
I was an intern in the athletic weight room at Ball State University, I have led group training and one on one personal training. 

My specialities in personal training include 
Mobility and Flexibility 
Core Strength 
Corrective Exercises

Growing up I loved showing off my muscles and being able to beat the boys in conditioning tests in gym class. Being a gymnast for 20 years and a Division 1 gymnast for 5 of those years led to many injuries and surgeries. Most people think that being injured, limited, or disabled means that you don't have to or can't exercise. I feel very strongly that everyone can exercise, the intensity may look different for every person, and that is okay! You only have 1 body and it is very important to take care of it any way that you can whether that is strength training, working on flexibility and mobility, or just doing something to move and make it feel good. 

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